Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.


The Wraith Putting Template is six putting aids in one and is completely portable. It provides a firm, consistent and flat surface anywhere in your home or on the practice green. Perfect your stroke whilst putting towards a hole, a target, or simply the gates at the end of the template.


With more capabilities than any other putting mat on the market, and the ability to take strokes off the short-game of any golfer, the Wraith Putting Template is far more than meets the eye.

It implements the visual guides of an immaculate stroke, steel balls (to create gates and walls for instant feedback on putting technique), the power to adjust difficulty levels, and a 30 day level-up routine with drills by Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods, to make it our most effective putting aid yet. 


Here at Wraith Putting, we are so confident that you will be impressed by the results that we offer a full refund results guarantee (including postage).

By emulating the perfect putting stroke to the user, it gives you direct visual and kinaesthetic feedback on the six key fundamentals of putting technique with every practice stroke you make.

  1. Ball Starting Line - so you know you have started the ball in the right direction every time.

  2. Putter Head Path - so you hit the sweet spot every time, which is the key to distance control and touch. 

  3. Face Alignment - so you know you are setting up to start the ball in the right direction.

  4. Stroke Length - you can use this to improve your distance control further.

  5. Putter Face Angle During Stroke - confirms you are keeping your stroke as simple as possible.

  6. Putter Face Angle at Impact - To ensure the club is at a perfect 90 degree angle at the point of impact.

Our template has three possible difficulty levels, easily adjusted by the user, simply by placing the steel balls into position. Additional gates and walls can be added using the remaining steel balls (or tees) to further guide the putter head if desired.

We've created an aid that surpasses the competition through it's abilities and results, so get yours today and play your ultimate best, because perfect practise makes perfect.

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