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Here at Wraith Putting, we don’t believe in simply ‘practise makes perfect’, because if you are using subpar methods or an inferior product, then you can only perfect poor techniques.

Hence our adage ‘Perfect Practise Makes Perfect’.


Our template has been designed for golfers, by a tour professional and coach who has often seen how training with the wrong equipment can do more damage than good to a golfers technique.

Whilst developing the template, we experimented with a multitude of different material options.

We found that the superior choice when considering the level of quality, usability, portability, durability and affordability was in fact, the amalgamation of a felt top with rubber nylon underlay.


This material combination also allows for seamless indoor and outdoor use, to a degree that you won't find in another putting template.


Our next crucial objective was to effectively cater to golfers of any skill level, from amateur to pro.

To achieve this, The Wraith Putting Template can be easily adjusted for different levels of difficulty, and when this feature is combined with our provided level-up routine, you have a product capable of perfecting your putting at an astronomical rate.

Finally, we have achieved our ultimate goal,


the perfect putting aid.