Perfect Practice Makes Perfect.


So you want to improve your putting but can’t decided which aid to go for?


As a key training aid amongst golfers internationally - from amateur to the touring pro -  the Wraith Putting Template was introduced to eliminate the difficulty in choosing a putting aid, by surpassing the competition.

This is achieved via a number of ways.

Our putting template can be easily adjusted by the user to different levels of difficulty, it can be used seamlessly indoors and outdoors, it is completely portable, it acts as several putting aids for the price of one, and it produces outstanding results. The Wraith Putting Template also comes with a level-up routine which is compatible with the key putting routines used by Tiger Woods.

Above all, we value the RESULTS and are so confident that you will be impressed by your improvement, that we offer a results money back guarantee (including shipping) in the unprecedented event that the Wraith Putting Template does not meet your expectations.

So, you can waste time searching the web for an inferior putting aid which could even be detrimental to your short game, or perfect your putting with The Wraith Putting Template risk free.

More details on the template here.

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